Things have changed since our last report.

Impression Breakdown Across Devices:

H1 2016

H2 2015

Mobile impression distribution is on the rise and advanced video continues to outperform standard pre-roll across devices and KPIs—and those are only a few trends that we discovered in our H1 2016 Global Video Benchmarks. Since we deliver more video than anyone, we have the unique insight that no one else can provide on how marketers are maximizing success through video. 

We analyzed thousands of pre-roll and advanced video campaigns to help you understand the standard for video results. So marketers, if you’re ready to see how video can optimize your business outcomes, download our benchmarks now!

This report includes the latest insights on:

  • Time Earned
  • Engagement Rate
  • Activity Rate
  • Completion Rate
  • Click-Thru Rate
  • Awareness Rate
  • Viewability
  • Connected TV
  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Media Quality & Blocking
  • Video Player Placement

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