Averaging more than 7 billion views per day, Snapchat has quickly climbed the ranks as a leading social media platform. Originally marketed as an app for friends to send self-destructing photos to each other, Snapchat has grown into a multi-faceted content discovery platform with unique video marketing opportunities for advertisers.

Innovid is constantly committed to providing our customers with neutral, unbiased media measurements across all devices in order to understand true campaign performance. We are proud to announce that Innovid's 100% dedicated video platform can now measure Snapchat’s video ad unit, called 3V (vertical-video-views), to connect 10-second vertical videos to the app’s user base -- primarily 13-34 year olds -- within Snapchat Discover or Live Stories. As a result of this partnership, advertisers can also access detailed performance metrics for video campaigns.

As the media giants continue to compete with each other and build their walled gardens, Innovid continues to be the video partner of choice for unbiased, holistic data and analytics. 

37% percent of Snapchat’s monthly U.S. users are 18-24 years old and more than 60% of U.S. 13 to 34 year old smartphone users utilize the app*.  For brands that are having trouble reaching younger audiences, Snapchat serves as a tool to help show their unique value in a way that most resonates with them.

Snapchat’s strategy isn’t just mobile-first—it’s mobile-only. Focusing on mobile devices has helped Snapchat excel in optimizing videos for the nature of mobile with vertical videos that users can swipe to explore longer-form content. Their video advertising unit 3V — Vertical Video Views—features 10-second vertical videos in its Discover hub, where brands post new editorial content that refreshes every 24 hours.

By catering to the nature of the device and providing new content constantly—Snapchat transforms the meaning behind real-time marketing and lets brands reinvent themselves daily.

 Snapchat has really grown their offering since only offering self-destructing photos (which are still amazing) to now be one of the most versatile and unique video marketing tools that advertisers have at their disposal. Brands cannot only connect with their audiences, but they’re also able to transform their personas on a daily basis, since every day is a clean slate.

 Advertisers are now able to track more information about their video ads on Snapchat through an integrated partnership with Innovid. Read more about our partnership in The Wall Street Journal.

*Derived from Sources: U.S. Census—Projections of the Population by Sex and Age for the United States: 2015 to 2060; comScore mobiLens February 2015; Snapchat internal data