Today’s audiences aren’t just watching video on a standard TV in their living room—they are watching on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, connected TVs, OTT streaming devices and more. Consumers are now doing about five things at once while they’re watching videos—providing marketers with more opportunities to reach them and provide relevant content in the context of where their audiences are and what they’re doing.  

These audiences are becoming increasingly digital and increasingly fragmented across screens. For instance, the Adobe Digital Index revealed that in Q3 of 2015, the worldwide share of digital videos viewed on a smartphone increased 33.0% from 2014 to 20151. With more people watching content across a multitude of devices,  brands need to recognize the digital divide of their audiences and account for viewing behavior in their cross-device video strategy. In fact, by 2019, 60% of the U.S. population is expected to stream video content on connected TVs2, so brands will need to distribute their marketing content according to this shift in viewing behavior.

In order to maximize video experiences with their audiences, brands can tailor their campaigns to better suit consumer experiences on each device, while personalizing their ads with first and third-party data to create more of a one-to-one interaction. This can include making video content interactive by including valuable in-video features, such as dynamic store locators for retail brands that automatically show the nearest store location, based on where the consumer is at that moment.

The use of contextual marketing helps brands achieve the goal of reaching their target audience while actually providing value that caters to their busy, on-the-go lifestyles. Today’s audiences want captivating and relevant experiences, at the right times, on the screens that they’re using.

So, by giving audiences interactive and personalized videos with relevant content that invites them to spend more time with the video and puts them in the driver’s seat, brands create more meaningful experiences that go above and beyond what traditional TV advertising can offer, to provide true value to their audiences. 

For more insights on how cross-device video can amplify your contextual marketing, check out this short video featuring industry experts.

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