At a time when digital video is the hottest ticket in marketing, how can marketers avoid adopting a “typical” approach that stifles video’s creative power? 

Video not only has the potential to bring measurability and personalization to brand campaigns—it also offers experiential benefits. Technology now makes it possible to immerse audiences in brand experiences through interactive video—and it’s becoming a strong stimulant to inspire new customers to take action (whether it be making a purchase or other call-to-action). Yet, if marketers maintain the current approach to video—expecting pre-roll to achieve all KPIs—the high-valuable benefits of advanced campaign analytics, personalization and creative excellence will remain untouchable.

#1: Do A Screen Test

Media fragmentation has become a major issue for advertisers, with an ever-growing abundance of online channels, mobile technologies, interactive gaming platforms and connected TV devices that are all meant to carry video. Naturally, marketers want to leverage these to reach their customers.

The assumption that video serving is standardized has a detrimental but undetectable impact on consumers’ brand experiences. Audiences don’t raise an alarm when they experience poor quality video—they just don’t buy your product and they probably don’t come back.

These days, device-agnostic video marketing platforms can address the challenge that multiple devices and formats present. They can intuitively ‘verify’ a device and tailor content accordingly, so all the benefits of a compelling video experience are fully realized.

#2: Measure ROI

The limitations of the passive video approach also extend to metrics. Marketers need to measure campaign effectiveness, but typical methodology prevents them from garnering anything beyond basic tracking information. While brand teams can see impressions, they can’t distinguish between what’s real and what’s not and are likely getting the wrong impression. They won’t know if the ad was served, if it was below the fold, or if the video player was appropriate for the content.

Cutting edge technology can quench marketers’ thirst for ROI data. A single-point platform can provide in-depth metrics around viewability, verification, geo-performance and user engagement, giving brand teams the real impression.

#3: Deliver Extraordinary Creative

Delivering engaging brand experiences is the main objective of video advertising. For modern consumers, interactive video content allows them to move beyond the boundaries of a standard video and get the full brand experience.

Now, the best platforms not only allow marketers to enhance video content with extraordinary interactive creative, they also enable programmatic creative where video content can be personalized to the user. Thus, the right—and indeed, very best—creative can be delivered to the right individual to the right device, right where they are.

As marketers work to master digital video—they will extend the boundaries of innovation. Do you have the right tools to deliver compelling, personalized video advertising campaigns? Can you drive them everywhere and on every device that your audience uses? Can you truly know the ROI on the campaigns you deliver? The solutions are out there—and they can help you make the right impression.

For examples of how the world’s top brands have used advanced video to create engaging video experiences, download our Marketer’s Guide to Advanced Video ebook.