Once again, kiddos are back in the swing of a new school year and we’ve entered a new season! As we say goodbye to warmer weather and the laissez faire mindset that summer inevitably tends to evoke, we prepare for a fall that’s filled with opportunities.

Just as children are getting acquainted with a new syllabus, so should video marketers equip themselves for a new quarter and prepare to end the year on a high note. To ensure that your video strategy is successful, here’s a cheat sheet to stow away in your backpack!

1. Experiment. Consumers are constantly trying out new things and so should your video marketing strategy! It’s fine to take a “crawl, walk, run” approach, as long as you’re striving towards positive brand growth. Why not experiment with some interactivity or personalization in your video marketing?

It’s easy to start off small and work your way up by leveraging existing content in your videos ads to make them interactive. This content could include anything from product information or photos to additional videos and social feeds in order to give your target audiences more to explore.

2. Expand your device distribution. Don’t put all of your marketing eggs in one basket. If you’re going to meet consumers where they are, then you should certainly be spreading out your measurable reach across devices, such as connected TV/OTT, mobile and desktop. Keep the user experience for each device in mind to take advantage of the unique engagement opportunities, rather than just repurposing your TV ads for digital mediums.

According to eMarketer, the average daily time spent watching digital video on mobile has surpassed that of desktop since 2015—and by 2017, it is expected to be twice as much as desktop. And connected TV is also on the rise as eMarketer predicts the penetration of connected TV users will rise to 78.1% by 2019. So, casting a wider device distribution net will certainly prove beneficial in reaching more of your target audiences.

3. Design around your specific KPIs. If your main objective is increasing click-through rate, for instance, consider adding an interactive overlay to your creative that further promotes your video’s main call-to-action. If you’re more concerned with completion rate or time earned, you may want to create custom interactive experiences that encourage users to engage within the video ad for more than the standard 15 or 30-second pre-roll—rather than encouraging them to click out of your video. In fact, Innovid’s 2016 Global Video Benchmark report illustrates that advanced creative typically adds 44 seconds of time that audiences spend engaging with a video unit on top of the time spent watching the standard pre-roll video.  

4. Add a personal touch. Make your ads as dynamic as possible to ensure that you are delivering the right message to the right audience. Ads that encompass relevant details tend to resonate more with the corresponding audience, as over 50% of marketers who participated in a survey for CMO Council stated that personalization yields higher response and engagement rates, more timely and relevant interactions, and greater customer affinity.

Opportunities for personalization are endless—including tailoring your message to complement a viewer’s location, weather patterns, browsing history, and much more. Being able to provide data-driven product recommendations helps demonstrate your immediate value to your audiences.

 5. Study up on where your audiences are. Because customers are disbursed across social channels and other platforms, it’s imperative to have a good understanding of where to go in order to reach certain audiences. It is also crucial to have a solid grasp on behaviors that are specific to certain channels. For example, Snapchat videos are always vertical, so you have to optimize your content to follow suit. If you know where your audience is and how they’re behaving you can easily hone in on how to best reach and resonate with them.

If you do your homework and keep these tips in mind, your marketing is sure to score an A! To further evaluate your campaigns, and make sure they’re measuring up, check out our 2016 Advanced Video Benchmarks.

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