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Introducing Innovid’s Advanced Social Video Marketing Solution for Facebook and Instagram

In the past few years alone, video has completely transformed our everyday lives including the way we communicate, access information, consume entertainment, and engage with brands. In fact, U.S. adults spend 5.5 hours watching video content each day1 and as more content is created, that number continues to rise.

While YouTube was once considered the sole hub for digital video, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have since expanded their capabilities to include video as well–making social video a growing phenomenon. With both Facebook and Snapchat averaging about 8 billion daily video views2, it’s clear that social video is here to stay.

At Innovid, we believe in taking social video one step further. A few months ago, we announced our partnership with Snapchat, giving advertisers access to detailed video metrics for Snapchat campaigns. Today, we’re excited to announce the beta launch of personalization, interactive and measurement solutions for social video. This new capability allows advertisers to reach and engage consumers on two more social mediums, Facebook and Instagram, via data-driven, immersive video content.

With Innovid’s new advanced social video solution, passive viewers are transformed into active participants and are invited to engage with additional branded content such as additional videos, store locators, coupons, personalized recommendations, and more—without ever leaving the video unit.

This video content can live as a post on a brand’s Facebook page and can also serve as paid media on both Facebook and Instagram. The posts are designed with the viewer in mind, encouraging engagement on both desktop and mobile (both landscape and vertical views supported).    

Taylors of Harrogate, a UK-based tea and coffee company, has already leveraged Innovid’s advanced social video solution for Facebook. The campaign drove a 35 percent engagement rate (as compared to the existing food and beverage benchmark of 1.7 percent), more than 30 seconds of additional time spent with the consumer, nearly 4,500 likes, 400 shares, and 300 comments from audiences.

Marketers using Innovid’s advanced social video solution can access detailed, real-time analytics including engagement, viewability, and performance metrics all within Innovid’s comprehensive video marketing platform. Read more about Innovid’s new solution in AdWeek.

1 eMarketer, April 2015
2 Fortune, March 2016

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