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Fostering A Culture of Innovation in the Workplace

This week, Innovid announced an exciting Stevie® Award win in the “Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year” category in The 14th Annual American Business AwardsSM.

Nicknamed the Stevies for the Greek word meaning “crowned,” the awards received more than 3,400 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry in a wide range of categories. Other notable companies recognized for technical innovation include Qualcomm, DocuSign, and PayPal.

At Innovid, we are continually pushing the limits of innovation to build the most seamless way possible for marketers to reach and engage audiences on every screen while providing advanced analytics to measure ROI. Our teams work tirelessly to provide brands and agencies with state-of-the-art video marketing solutions to future-proof cross-device digital strategies across OTT, smart TV, gaming consoles, and Blu-ray devices.

In honor of this esteemed award win, we thought it was a fitting time to check in with a few of our employees on how they view innovation at Innovid:

In what ways do you think Innovid creates a community for innovation?

“Innovid is made up of people from all different backgrounds, experiences, and passions.  We inspire and push each other to be more interesting, more creative, and more imaginative.  Our clients also inspire us to continuously solve for their video needs and to bring the future to them today.”
- Christine King, SVP Global Revenue Operations (San Francisco) 




“The blending of technology and creativity drives every solution we deliver to our clients. When it comes to innovation, creative cannot live without the tech, and vice versa. Furthermore, our culture supports collaboration across the different departments, from R&D to Product to Creative. This cross-pollination of varying disciplines helps everyone get into an Innovative mind-set.”
- Shai Ryter, Senior Director, Global Creative Services (Tel Aviv)







“As virtual reality, 360 video, and other technologies pave the way towards societal prominence, Innovid is the vanguard bringing this technology to global stages for advertisers. Through cross-department collaboration and seasoned relationships with partners in the digital space, Innovid employees are consistently tasked with the challenge to think outside the box and create campaigns that leverage these best-in-class technologies, across all screens and hundreds of publishers.”
- Courtney Collins, Account Executive (New York)





"Each and every person I’ve encountered at Innovid is ridiculously keen to not only discuss new ideas but also bring in relevant context and expert knowledge. This means not only do fun, interesting conversations take place – but they have a well rounded, tangible end result."
- Matt Jones, Marketing and Sales Coordinator (London)






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