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Do You Speak Geek? Online Video Marketing Lingo 101

Any brand that’s challenged to keep up with—or ahead of the curve—knows that also keeping up with terminology and best practices is a huge part of getting it right. When it comes to video marketing, this may be more true than ever, as marketers seek to not only understand its complexities, but now to measure success as well.

 At the core, it would make sense that we all speak the same language around promoting products, captivating audiences and achieving our KPIs with video, but since we all approach the same problems from different perspectives, we’re all left talking about the same things differently.

In attempt to demystify online video marketing lingo, I’ve identified a few of the most commonly-confused terms and tried to find a common ground we can all agree on, in order to map out what you need to know.

1. Engagement. This term is quickly becoming a dirty word in the industry since marketers, agencies, and vendors, often use it as a catch-all KPI. It can encompass everything from audiences paying basic attention to your video to a full-blown interaction with the content. But assuming those definitions are correct, can be a mistake. When anyone uses the word “engagement,” ask them to break it down exactly how they define it. Is it a click? A purchase? A combination thereof? Whatever the answer is, that’s what you need to measure and focus on.

2. Awareness. This term is used across the board by marketers and it means exactly what you think it does: audiences’ understanding and attentiveness of your brand. But when it comes to video, how do you define its effectiveness? If there’s no associated action tied to “awareness,” then you just have an audience of people who know who you are, but don’t do anything about it. In video, this term is often connected to a mouse over action the video, which subsequently helps tie back to viewability goals and understanding the effectiveness of your video placements in general.

3. Personalization. Being relevant to your audience has come a long way since the days of dynamically placing someone’s name in what was otherwise a mass email. Today, personalization refers to tactics that translate customer data and/or consumer segments into a targeted experience and message on a 1:1 level. This could include sending them offers, coupons and promotions that are very specific to their location, weather conditions, previous purchases and much, much more.

4. Time Earned. This is one form of user engagement in online video marketing and as with some other terms, it means exactly what you might think: extra time you’ve gained with a customer. You may know this term as “time spent,” but its meaning is the same. In the online video marketing world, we know that the more time a customer voluntarily spends with your content, the more their purchase intent increases. So “earning time” with a customer is a great way to measure how interested they are in your brand. And of course, seeing that additional time convert into additional purchases is even better.

For more information around Innovid’s online video marketing lingo, download our Global Video Benchmarks to discover more terms, KPIs and much more.