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Video Personalization: Give Consumers the 1:1 Experience

While the concept of personalization has been around for years, technology now allows brands to create one-to-one targeted experiences at scale.  This is also made possible through the massive amount of data that brands have about their audiences that allows them to offer the content their consumers want—when and where they want it. These personalized experiences allow brands to show their relevance to their target audiences by providing them with content that is made just for them.

The number one reason why marketers use personalization in their content is to drive response rates and engagement1. That’s no surprise given that audiences are more likely to respond to content that is directly relevant to their lives. There is so much content out there that consumers don’t have time for all of it—if it isn’t immediately relevant to them, they’re forced to move on.  But marketers have the ability to stay on top of what their consumers want and execute efficiently through programmatic technology.

Programmatic buying is just one part of the equation. Brands are also now able to offer personalized  content on a one-to-one basis using audience data. For instance, a retail brand could dynamically show a user’s nearest store location to  put them just one step closer to purchasing. A snow-blower manufacturer could also use weather data to recommend one of its models based on the snow accumulation records in a user’s region to help prepare for the winter ahead.

There are endless possibilities to what brands  can do with programmatic creative video . A travel brand could dynamically serve vacation packages based on flight deals from a user’s closest airport. These deals could be exclusive to the brand’s video campaign—adding more value and prompting the user to book then and there. A new movie trailer could feature a dynamic countdown to when the film opens (and show a map of where to purchase tickets) based on a user’s location. Technology today makes it possible to use almost any type of data to transform video content into an relevant and  engaging experience for viewers.

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