Have you met this year's IAB Digital Video Rising Stars? Innovid offers full support for all the newly announced digital video units. Learn more about these new formats by checking out the videos and examples below.

IAB Extender
Also known as our or iRoll® Extender format, you can easily run long-form video content in existing inventory slots – users can opt-in to extend the 15 or 30 second spot to show a 90 second commercial or 2 minute movie trailer. By extending brand exposure, you can increase retention metrics, and conversion rates. Click the image above to see how our iRoll Extender co-submission video with Yahoo! in action.

IAB Full Screen
Our version of the IAB Full Screen is called the iRoll® Expand. This format fills the video player with an immersive custom ad experience. Click the image to see how our Full Screen submission video works.

IAB Control Bar
Innovid’s iRoll® Apps format is a well-known version of the IAB Control Bar.  You can easily turn any pre-roll campaign into an interactive, engaging experience with buttons to socialize, purchase, download, share, locate stores, and much more. iRoll Apps can even be built online in minutes using the iRoll Studio. See some of the advantages in our Apps Bar submission video by clicking on the image.

IAB Time Sync
Time Sync functionality can be found in our iRoll® Expand format. The time sync connects the timing of the interactive content with the video.  Watch how the product in the call to action changes with the video by clicking on the image above.

IAB Filmstrip
The Filmstrip is similar to the the Full Screen format, but is defined by the inclusion of multiple pages in the experience. Click the image to check out one of many examples of a “paging” interactive unit.