Measure twice, cut once.

If you’re like us here at Innovid, the performance of your video ads matters just as much as their creative execution.  That’s why we’re presenting you with our 2015 Interactive Video Benchmarks.

We’ve analyzed thousands of interactive and pre-roll video campaigns, over billions of impressions, from 2014 to set this year’s performance expectations. These metrics will help you understand how various ad formats, publisher placements and ad lengths perform with respect to time earned, activity rate, engagement rate, completion rate, and much more. We’re also introducing new benchmarks for cross-device campaigns.

Video presents limitless opportunities for both brands and agencies, but there needs to be a fundamental understanding of consumer behaviors, as well as an intelligent business strategy linking together the different channels at play. These benchmarks are a step towards understanding how your video content, ad placements, publisher choices and length of video really do impact consumer behavior—and subsequently, your KPIs.

Inside you will find benchmarks for:

  • Activity Rate
  • % Ad Viewed
  • Awareness
  • Click-Thru Rate
  • Completion Rate
  • Cross Device Campaigns
  • Engagement rate
  • Time Earned
  • Viewability