Welcome to the new and improved Video Advertising Benchmarks for H1 of 2014! Here at Innovid, we serve the most elaborate interactive video ads, as well as simple pre-roll campaigns, across 1000 global publishers and more than 20 ad networks and platforms. Having run more than 3000 campaigns in H1 2014, Innovid’s Interactive Video Advertising Benchmarks provide advertisers with a tool to evaluate creative impact, media efficacy, and campaign performance.

This document provides insights into iRoll metrics like Viewability, Engagement Rates, Time Earned, and Total Activity, as well as pre-roll metrics like Completion Rates and Click Thrus. Scroll through the numerous tabs to access an overview or breakdowns of specific data by Vertical, Inventory Cost, Metrics, and Unit Length, and Mobile Video, all comparing multiple iRoll formats and Pre-Roll.

What’s included?

  • Overall benchmarks by iRoll Expand, iRoll Overlay, and Pre-roll video formats
  • Inventory Cost Tiers broken out by video format
  • Breakouts for both 15 and 30 second video ads
  • Metric-specific  benchmarks broken out by vertical
  • Vertical-specific benchmarks broken out by video format
  • Mobile video benchmarks by video format