Welcome to Innovid's Interactive Video Advertising Benchmarks for Q1 2014! We serve award-winning interactive video ads, as well as standard pre-roll campaigns, across 1000 amazing global publishers and ad networks on all platforms.  Having run more than 550 total campaigns in Q1 2014, Innovid’s Interactive Video Advertising Benchmarks provide advertisers with an essential tool to evaluate creative impact, media efficacy, and campaign performance.

This interactive document provides insights into valuable metrics like Awareness Rate, Engagement Rate, Time Earned, Activity Levels, and Ad Viewability. We also include historical staples like Click-Thru and Completion Rate. Click on the top tabs to access an overview or breakdowns of specific data by Vertical, Metrics, and Video Length, all comparing iRoll and Pre-Roll.

How to Use this Document

This document is an interactive PDF and will be launched by clicking on the cover. Once on the intro page, click on the CONTINUE button to access all data, or the GLOSSARY at the bottom of the screen for terms and definitions. The top tabs will help you navigate through insights By Vertical, By Metric, and comparing 15 and 30 second units. Click on the images to learn about category norms for both iRoll and Pre-Roll formats, or explore specific KPIs. Feel free to return to the homepage or glossary at any time by clicking the icons in the top left corner.

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