The most advanced end-to-end TV and video advertising platform

Innovid Atom is a truly open video ad serving platform that allows brands and agencies to create, deliver, optimize and measure advanced video on any screen or device. Consumption of video across devices is growing dramatically, as is the level of complexity in running cross-device video ad campaigns. As a truly open end-to-end platform, Innovid Atom was built on a state-of-the-art open architecture that allows brands and agencies to combine Innovid’s market-leading video capabilities with other preferred third-party technologies.

The result is a platform better designed to deal with the complex and dynamic video advertising environment, simplifying the process and driving better campaign results with less effort and time. With Innovid Atom, you have the peace of mind that you are well set for the future of video advertising.

Atom is the most complete video advertising solution available, delivering the power of:

Cross-Screen Impact

Innovid brings a whole new dimension to video, connecting the power and beauty of TV with the interactivity and increased reach of the cross-screen web. But great innovation often brings new layers of complexity. Innovid Atom helps advertisers to overcome the growing challenge of device and audience fragmentation as well as limited consumer attention spans. Atom manages this through a full suite of interactive ad formats, dynamic video ad-serving and targeting that can be served across screens and devices from smartphones and tablets to VOD and connected devices. Read More.

Addressable Ad Serving

When award-winning creative meets the intelligence of granular web data, the advertiser wins. Atom includes a centralized data hub with the ability to process and use large sets of data in real time.  Through this pool of audience and inventory data, Atom empowers advertisers with advanced targeting and dynamic ad serving so that your message is catered to the right person, with the right content, at the right time. Increase your campaign’s relevance, engagement and brand impact with Atom’s addressable ad serving. Read more

Verification and Analytics

Atom includes an open video verification program. Innovid has integrated with market-leading technology vendors to offer the most robust video verification product on the market. Atom offers Brand Safety, Fraud Prevention, Viewability, Impression Delivery, Video Content Verification, and Ad Blocking.

Innovid Atom provides analytics that include industry-standard data points such as impressions, quartiles, completion rates, reach and frequency, and GRP as well as proprietary metrics like engagement, awareness, social sharing and brand survey data.  Data is aggregated in an actionable dashboard so you have full visibility into campaign performance and can increase ROI. Read more.

Open Platform

We understand that we are operating in a complex and fragmented advertising technology world and that you want the most advanced capabilities available to maximize the value of your video campaigns. Delivering an amazing video experience requires integrating many moving parts, additional technologies and vendors. We promise to do the heavy lifting for you. This is possible thanks to Atom’s Open Platform which connects market-leading vendor technology to enhance Innovid’s capabilities in a scalable manner.