Create: iRoll® Suite

Dynamic, engaging, & fully interactive

Innovid Atom brings a whole new dimension to video, connecting the power of TV with the interactivity of the web. As online video usage increases – 183 million Americans watched more than 48 billion videos in January 2014 (comScore) – Atom provides brands with advanced technology to create powerful, immersive experiences that lead to consumer engagement across all screens. Innovid supports all of the IAB Digital Video Rising Stars ad formats. iRoll is integrated across top premium publishers and ALL of the top ad networks in the United States. In fact, virtually every publisher who supports the VPAID standard is Innovid ad serving enabled. Work with our creative experts or design your own iRoll units using the intuitive iRoll Studio. As a truly open platform, Atom provides the means to deliver your campaign, be it pre-roll, iRoll or a custom video unit, across screens from desktop to mobile and connected devices. Maximize reach and brand impact when you create, deliver and measure with Innovid Atom.


Persuasive: Influencing and rewarding consumers attention instead of demanding it.
Presence extender: Our shopping features allow you to extend your retail presence, creating digital pop-up stores within the player.
Personalized: Innovid’s dynamic serving solution allows advertisers to personalize content, creative, messaging, and products to meet individual consumer needs and deliver relevant brand experiences.
Permission-based: iRoll units are user-initiated, putting control in the hands of consumers and never disrupting their experience.
  • iRoll® family of formats

    Turns any player into a microsite, engaging users with additional brand content. You can add standard features like store locators, shopping carts, image and video galleries, in-unit videos, social apps and more.
    Turn any pre-roll campaign into an interactive, engaging experience with buttons to socialize, purchase, download, share, locate stores, and much more!

    Insert a custom click-thru graphic on top of pre-roll to drive consumers to supporting brand content and allow you to easily assess consumer interest.
    Easily run long-form video content in existing inventory slots – users can opt-in to extend the 15 or 30 second spot to show a 90 second commercial or 2 minute movie trailer. By extending brand exposure, you can increase retention metrics, and conversion rates.
    Put control in the consumer's hands, by allowing users to choose the pre-roll they prefer to watch. With iRoll Selector, you can improve relevancy of message, retention metrics, and creative rotation optimization.
    With iRoll Canvas, ensure your message gets the spotlight by adding complementary or extended branding alongside your pre-roll ad.

    Turn video into shoppable experiences with integrated buttons or “spots” that provide a seamless, creative presentation fully integrated within the unit.
    Send your audience relevant messages with personalized video and transform the way you localize, target and message your digital campaigns.
  • Features


    As the industry's leading interactive video format, iRoll units contain any interactive content you can dream up, presented beautifully in-unit on top of the video.  Media galleries, dealer/store locators, and interactive product showcases entice video viewers to explore your brand or product.


    Pull social media content like Twitter feeds, YouTube videos or Instagram photos right into your ad unit, and let users visit or share content to social media destinations like Pinterest, Facebook or LinkedIn.


    Make your ads more relevant based on your users demographic profiles, location, or other data, in order to display different prices, promotions, product information, copy, show times, and more.


  • iRoll® Studio - Self-Service Solution

    Easily turn any pre-roll campaign into an interactive experience in the self-service iRoll® Studio. You can quickly add applications and features to your pre-roll to increase engagement and exploration of your brand. The iRoll Studio also provides an industry-first authoring path to build both HTML5 and Flash versions of an interactive video creative via a single workflow. This significantly reduces the time and complexity to deliver cross-channel campaigns, essentially letting the technology do the work.  iRoll Studio offers immediate turnaround time, no additional creative needs, all while providing massive scale.


    Share it. Post it. Click it.

    iRoll Studio is a streamlined and innovative new user experience that changes the way Innovid’s clients and partners create iRoll campaigns.

    iRoll Studio turns any video into an interactive experience - in minutes!

    iRoll Apps Gallery

    Custom Apps

    Create your own custom apps by uploading custom assets.
    Text icon


    Present a custom call to action to the user to encourage them to engage with other apps on the bar or other brand messaging.

    Microsite icon


    Create a microsite like experience to include with your pre-roll ads.

    SWF App icon

    SWF App

    Upload a custom animated .swf app icon

    Image App icon

    Image App

    Upload an image file to create a custom app icon.

    Social Apps

    Encourage social media engagement with these apps.
    Twitter Feed icon

    Twitter Feed

    Get all tweets from a specific Twitter account dynamically and in real-time displayed within the iRoll unit. Users can browse the feed, choose to follow your brand’s Twitter account, or tweet from within the iRoll® unit.

    YouTube Video icon

    YouTube Video

    Play a video from YouTube within the iRoll unit. This enables the enrichment of the video ad with additional video content and also offers an option to increase YouTube video views for your brand.

    Facebook Page icon

    Facebook Page

    Direct users to the brand's Facebook page to grow "Likes".

    Share This icon

    Share This

    Allow users to share links on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Digg, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious, Myspace, or email

    Twitter Post icon

    Twitter Post

    Users can tweet from the unit to their Twitter page directly.

    Pinterest icon


    Direct users to your brand's Pinterest boards

    Event icon


    Add an event reminder to Google, Outlook, or iCal calendars.

    Engagement Apps

    These apps add additional content for the user without leaving the pre-roll.
    Image Gallery icon

    Image Gallery

    Add additional images to the unit in the fully customizable in-player image

    Video Gallery icon

    Video Gallery

    Add additional videos to the unit, giving you the flexibility to show more information and content about your brand.

    Coupon icon


    Allows users to click and download or print coupons directly from the unit.

    Media Gallery icon

    Media Gallery

    Upload images, videos, or YouTube video links to create a custom gallery within the ad unit.

    External Content Apps

    These Apps click-thru, driving targeted traffic to a page of your choice
    More Info icon

    More Info

    Click thru to the brand's website for more information

    Special Offer icon

    Special Offer

    Drive users to your brand's special offer page

    Contact Us icon

    Contact Us

    Direct users to your brand's contact info page.

    Purchase Item icon

    Purchase Item

    Direct users to a page where they can purchase the item.

    Showtimes & Tickets icon

    Showtimes & Tickets

    Direct users to a page containing ticket & showtime info.

    Dealer Locator icon

    Dealer Locator

    Direct users to a dealer locator or store finder page.

    Newsletter Signup icon

    Newsletter Signup

    Direct users to a page where they can sign up for a newsletter.

    Related Docs icon

    Related Docs

    Direct users to a related documents page.

    DailyMotion Video icon

    DailyMotion Video

    Direct users to a DailyMotion video page.

  • Specifications

    Please download our specs document for necessary standards and guidelines for pre-roll or building your campaign with our iRoll formats.