Deliver: Ad Server

With multiple publisher specifications, creative formats, video players, and varying types of metrics, managing video campaigns can be excruciatingly complex. Without a dedicated video ad server, agencies have to carry all the operational weight of getting video campaigns live; gathering multiple specs and creative assets, while managing operational risks. 

Innovid’s advanced Video Ad Server was developed to seamlessly deliver immersive video advertising anywhere, offering the same fluidity for pre-roll as well as the most complex interactive ads. Our technology utilizes an open framework to upload and serve video advertising regardless of protocol, increasing interoperability across publishers and giving you  the ability to build one creative and deliver universally. Our goal is to make it easier for you to connect with consumers and maximize the power of your media allocation.

The Innovid Ad Serving Difference

Advanced Ad Formats Pre-roll, iRoll® Expand, iRoll® Overlay, iRoll® Selector, iRoll® Extender, iRoll® Apps, and iRoll® Imagine
Atlas Integration Seamless integration with Atlas that offers unified support, billing, delivery, and metrics across platforms. 
PC, Mobile, Connected TV, and Game Consoles

Real Time Analytics

Impressions, Clicks, Quartiles, Completion Rates, Engagement, Awareness and More
Streamlined Setup VAST and VPAID Support plus Integrated Publisher specs
Manage Creative rotations and changes without retrafficking
Accredited by the MRC Certifies Innovid's digital video and display ad impression statistics comply with the Minimum Standards for Media Rating Research published by the MRC, as well as the Ad Impression Measurement Guidelines of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)