Measure: Analytics

All Your Metrics, A Single Dashboard

Atom’s analytics dashboard tells the complete story of your campaign’s performance. From start to finish, Atom measures beyond the basics, meaning powerful insights and actionable data about how viewers interact with every aspect of their ad — including time spent on creative elements, when and where people engaged, and what was the most captivating moment in the video. With these powerful insights, you can pinpoint optimization of the brand’s messaging.

Our dashboard enables you to easily keep track of all of your metrics from multiple publishers, devices (mobile and PC), and formats. From basics to our advanced metrics, all the information is rolled up to the campaign level.


Open Verification Program: The best verification solution on the market

To ensure top quality impressions, Innovid Atom includes an Open Video Verification program that provides insights into whether your ad is actually being viewed, as well as the content on the page where your video is being played, through multiple integrations with the leading verification vendors in the market.

Unique Benefits to our clients:
  1. Stellar technology and full protection -- the best and most complete video verification solution in the market that includes real time ad blocking and video content verification.
  2. Turnkey Solution -- no special effort is required to set it up and let it run, saving you time and effort.
  3. Flexibility -- clients can choose the vendor they wish to work with. If the vendor isn’t part of our existing roster, we will make sure to add it.
  4. Trust -- MRC accreditation and IABs Quality Assurance Guidelines compliance.

Engagement: The Right Metric for your Brand

In-Stream video and iRoll allow you to immerse consumers deep into the brand experience, therefore creating the need for metrics that capture engagement. Innovid tracks mouseovers, any and all interactions with the ad, as well as time spent interacting, making it easy to assess the impact of your ads and the value of the consumers (shallow, lifetime, etc) interacting with your brand.

Campaign Essentials and Ratings

We have partnered with comScore and Nielsen, so you can reduce operational risks and implementation costs through a single tag solution. Our partner solutions provide you with the ability to measure digital GRP's, validated campaign audience, and demographic data.

In-Stream Brand Studies

We have a unique partnership with Dynamic Logic to serve brand studies within the video player. This means you gain the ability to track core brand metrics (lift, awareness, etc), with no bonus impressions, no pop-ups, and higher response rates.