inRoll® - Interactive Pre-roll

inRoll® - The Interactive Pre-roll

Pre-roll video ads are simple, standard and proven. But without Innovid, they miss out on the limitless interaction opportunities offered by the Internet.

Innovid's inRoll®, the interactive pre-roll, has better engagement rates, pushes more relevant and up-to-date content to the viewer and does it all inside the video player. The result? Higher rates of brand awareness and favorability.

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Innovid`s inRoll®, created with Innovid Studio, combines your existing pre-roll video with synchronized rich media that engages viewers. All creative elements can be dynamically changed by Innovid`s servers.

When viewing an inRoll®, viewers see geographically, behaviorally and up-to-date targeted information. Innovid`s inRoll® invites user interaction with a variety of elements that most interest audiences. They get the information they want inside the video player without having to leave the page or site.

Going Beyond the Pre-roll

Without leaving the inRoll® ad, viewers can choose to get more information, buy tickets, order products, locate a store, check out recipes or any other call to action we design. Coupling content with compelling information and offers creates measurable success. We`ve seen engagement rates that were 10 times higher for interactive pre-roll than for static pre-roll.

How does inRoll® compare to static pre-rolls?




Based on existing TV Ad
Advanced interactivity and user engagement features
Customized creative per audience
Geo & behavioral targeting


Social networks connectivity
Detailed engagement analytics (beyond views/clicks)

We keep ease of execution as our mantra. That`s why we created tried-and-true engagement templates to meet your goals; commerce, personalization, social campaigns or targeting. From consumer packaged goods to theatrical trailers, inRolls® are easy to create, deploy and measure. You can use Innovid Studio and create inRolls® by yourself, or ask our creative team for help.

The Reach You Need

Your campaign will have the reach you need with up to 2 Billion possible impressions a month over our certified partner distribution network. Our Network includes major  publishers such as NBC, ABC, CBS; Ad Networks such as Tremor, Brightroll, Tidal TV, and Platforms such as Brightcove, Freewheel & Liverail.

We are not an ad network. We just offer the best pure-play platform for the creation and delivery of interactive pre-rolls, together with the analytics to measure and optimize them.

inRoll® Focused Analytics

Our analytics track engagement beyond video views and click-through rates. Measure how your audience engages with the inRoll®, its creative elements and calls to action, including abandonment and more.

See how viewers reacted to and engaged with creative elements at each second of your video ad. Our analytics and proven interactive video expertise will show you what you can do to create a more engaging pre-roll ad.