Global Ad Serving Solutions

Delivering Ads Everywhere,

Including Where It Matters Most

From first generation iPhones to 4K Connected TVs, the fragmentation of screens and specs, compounded by the unique content needs of different channels, have made today’s business of omni-channel ad serving anything but business as usual.

Innovid - Standard Video

Cross-Device, Cross-Platform Global Reach

Having an omni-channel ad server that is set up to serve TV is no longer a nice to have, it’s a necessity. Innovid delivers TV, video, social, display and OOH ads across all devices, publishers, and platforms at the highest possible quality with instant, automatic encoding from a single asset to unique publisher specs. This means no heavy lifting required on your end, and our guarantee that your ads are delivered at top quality across all publishers and devices – including 4K Connected TV! Reach your audiences across the globe through our ad serving footprint across over 70 countries – and growing – worldwide.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Do more in less time, with easy-to-use AI-powered solutions that eliminate manual dependencies on individuals. Our easy-to-implement workflows, triggers and machine learning technology reduces reliance on manual processes to optimize investments. By removing tedious tasks that monopolize your team’s time, you can refocus efforts to higher-impact strategic areas.

Put Privacy First

Leverage our privacy-compliant platform to balance personalization with data privacy. Our platform allows you to personalize while protecting customer data responsibly via clear, compliant guidelines to GDPR and other privacy laws.

Protect Against Fraud

With all the ongoing privacy debates it’s easy to over-focus on protecting customer data and privacy. Innovid’s protection spans all aspects of the ad serving ecosystem for your brand. Elevate the quality of environments where your ads are served through viewability measurement, third-party audience verification, fraud prevention, and brand safety – including real-time ad blocking – to ensure your ads are only delivered to safe environments.

Define Your Own Stack

We know we’re not the only partner you’re going to work with – and we’re not trying to be. Which is why we integrate with the best to bring you unmatched, ad serving capabilities that seamlessly integrate across your stack. Integrations include, but are not limited to:


Superior Professional Services

Data and automation are key to driving long-term business impact, but technology alone isn’t enough. Innovid’s in-house experts understand the unique nuances of what it takes to be effective across every channel and every market with unmatched expertise where it matters most – in TV and video. Our professional services team navigates the entire process – from accessing the quality of existing campaigns, to identifying the right strategies, defining how to implement them, concepting and producing personalized creative at scale, and ensuring seamless activation across all touchpoints.