Connected TV & OTT Solutions

The living room has transformed— connected TV users are mainstream — and marketers need to ensure reach spans beyond traditional TV.

To help marketers bring one-to-one, engaging experiences to audiences, at scale, Innovid offers unprecedented reach across connected TV devices, as well as unparalleled creative options to transform traditional pre-roll into interactive and relevant experiences on the big screen. With connected TV and OTT video marketing, brands get the best of both worlds with the reach of TV, combined with the targeting, accountability, and measurement capabilities of digital video.

Innovid-Solutions-CTV OTT

Reach the largest share of your audience at scale

Built for the future of TV, Innovid helps brands combat device fragmentation and capture the broadest reach across OTT audiences with the largest OTT ad-serving footprint—with access to over 25 connected devices and 1,000 TV apps.

Innovid - Single Platform

Bring personalization and addressability to the big screen

Innovid enables one-to-one, personalized messaging based on unique consumer attributes, such as geolocation, time of day, weather, and more to maximize relevancy and ad effectiveness. Our self-service experience platform, OTT COMPOSER,  is the premiere authoring tool to create and publish experiences for connected TV advertising.

Create immersive and engaging creative experiences

As pioneers in advanced video across CTV devices, Innovid has the unique ability to serve interactive video across Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Roku, and Samsung devices and extract all the measurement you need to track success across CTV marketing through a single dashboard— consolidated side by side with your video reporting across desktop and mobile.


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