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Earn More Brand Love With Social Video


Innovid - Social Video

With over 20 billion daily video views across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter—social media has become a prime channel for generating engagement with audiences. Advertisers are racing to catch up, as social media spending is expected to climb to over 20%* share of marketing budgets in the next five years.

While social channels present massive opportunities for marketers to reach and engage consumers, some don’t allow for the same tracking and measurement opportunities as paid media, and each channel has their own proprietary ad format.

With Innovid’s custom solutions for social, brands can utilize the powerful medium of video to create deeper connections with target audiences and track the metrics that are important to measuring video success.




Standard Social Video

Take advantage of the specific viewing environment of each social channel to maximize impact with viewers and increase performance by optimizing your existing video assets to meet each channel’s best practices. This includes inserting additional branding to maximize the first five seconds of your video, changing the video orientation, and more.

Interactive Social Video

Encourage viewers to learn more about your brand and products by leveraging additional, existing content to create immersive video experiences within your video unit on each social channel. This can include incorporating custom overlays that drive your brand message home, in-unit video and product galleries that invite browsing and prompt action in the moment.

Data-Driven Social Video

Heighten message relevancy by utilizing personalized versions of your video creative, tailored to each targeted audience group on a given social channel.  This establishes your brand’s immediate relevance with consumers and creates a lean-in experience with your video content.


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