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What Consumers Want: Exploring Personalization Trends and Attitudes in 2020

Learn consumer likes, dislikes, and preferences in Innovid's new study entitled 2020 Consumer Attitudes on Personalized Ads.

[Interactive] 12 Questions to Answer Before You Execute An Omni-Channel Personalization Campaign

Before you launch a personalized or dynamic creative ad campaign, answer these 12 essential questions.
CTV Advertising

Super Bowl 2020 Won Millions of Viewers, But Did It Fumble On Innovation?

We asked Innovid CTO Tal Chalozin for his take on Super Bowl 2020, the big tech behind the big game, and what did and didn't work for TV advertisers.
Creative Management

[Video] Without Agility, Personalized Messaging Can't Keep Up with Consumers

Today's marketer needs to manage digital marketing strategies that are always evolving. Watch our video to learn how to achieve personalization at scale.
CTV Advertising

Innovid and Verizon Take a Major Leap Toward Scaling Interactive Ads on CTV

Innovid partners with Verizon to provide marketers with a programmatic solution for connected TV (CTV) advertising.

Resetting the Rules: Tips on Becoming Your Own Boss

We teamed up with the IAB’s Women Visionaries program to inspire more women and share insightful tips on what (and what NOT) to do to become a BOSS.

What we heard from brands at the ANA Digital & Social Media Conference

Discover what we learned after we visited the ANA's Digital and Social Media Conference to engage with brand marketers on their challenges & opportunities.

The Meteoric Rise of Connected TV: 2018 Global Video Benchmarks

Innovid's latest video benchmarks report is here. Don't miss the most comprehensive set of insights on the state of video advertising today.

Tune In: How Connected TV Drives Return on Ad Spend

As the IAB NewFronts wind down and television Upfronts heats up, a clear trend bridges the two: the convergence of digital and linear television.

Why consumer engagement is key for back-to-school retail campaigns

Learn how connected TV and interactive data-driven video will drive consumer engagement to boost ROI for back-to-school retail marketers.

Why Prioritizing Personalization Is Paramount

How brands including Volvo and Pringles get major results using targeted messaging on connected TV.

We'll Answer These Five Critical TV Advertising Questions At CES

Linear TV is nowhere near extinction. The more digital player in town—connected TV —continues to shake things up. By 2023 nearly half of US households will eliminate linear TV completely.

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