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Still Have Questions About HTML5 Video Ads? Innovid Is Here to Help

Here are Innovid's top 5 tips for embracing the Flash to HTML5 transition.

Tech Talk: Succesfully Transitioning to HTML5 Video

Innovid commits to supporting all platforms such as the newly released HTML5 and will support efforts of migrating the industry's leading video players.

Innovid Introduces Viewability Metrics Reporting For YouTube And Joins Google Measurement Partner Program

Innovid was chosen to be part of Google's new Measurement Partner Program. This program aims to improve measurement standards for the industry. Learn more.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Evolution of Video Ad Standards

Check out our infographic on the latest standards in digital video to better understand how VAST and VPAID have evolved over time, as well as the concerns leading to the introduction of VAST 4.1.

Connected TV in a Fragmented Marketplace: Innovid Enhances Partnership with Hulu to Drive Engagement

We’re proud to announce we've expanded our partnership with Hulu to launch new interactive formats as a result of accelerated connected TV growth.

3 Must-Know Tips for Better Facebook Video Marketing

Check out these tips to make your Facebook video more effective and optimize for mobile-first, interactive, and data-driven experiences.

Women to Watch: Stephanie Geno

The global spotlight is shining on women's stories. Read our Women to Watch series with insights and expertise from our Vice President of Brand Solutions.

Why I'm Cutting the Cord

Streaming services pushed cable into the realm of nice-to-have rather than a necessity. Learn more about why it's time to give up your cable subscription.

Innovid Supports Streamlined Video Ad Delivery and Analytics for Twitter

Innovid supports video ad delivery and measurement for Twitter’s In-Stream Video Ads as the first third-party video marketing platform to deliver through VAST.

The Telecommuter: Human Biology vs Technology

As telecommuting and WFH becomes more technologically plausible, companies are opening their eyes & hearts to seeing the living room as the conference room.

#WCW: Cynopsis Rising Star - Cara Feeney

Meet Cara Feeney, our Senior Partnerships Manager and one of Cynopsis Rising Stars. We interviewed her about her contributions to the video marketing world.

Why Your Media & Creative Will Fail If Tech Isn't Part Of The Plan

Beyond creative storytelling and media buys, there are imperative steps & considerations required in developing a successful campaign.

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