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Innovid and Davis Elen Advertising Prove Cross-Device Effectiveness in Partnership with Samsung and LG

Expanded InnovidXP partnership measures reach, frequency, and overlap results in real-time across CTV, linear, desktop, and mobile screens to yield incremental reach and frequency-based cost savings

Apple, Attribution, & InnovidXP: How Innovid is Responding to Recent Privacy Enhancements

Apple is updating its privacy stance. Learn how this data loss will impact attribution and measurement — and what Innovid is doing to help marketers stay ahead.

It's All About the Creative

Converged TV marketers should lean into creative metrics. Learn how measuring creative performance helps to reach and engage audiences, and moreover, inspire action.

Case Study: Panera x InnovidXP — The Bread & Butter of Streaming TV Advertising

Learn how Panera’s agency, Publicis, used InnovidXP to inform optimizations, capture cost efficiencies, and increase unique reach in streaming ads.
Case Studies

Publicis Captures Cost Efficiencies For Panera With InnovidXP

When planning for their 2022 measurement strategy, Publicis needed a partner who could provide an independent view of Panera’s streaming TV investment.

The Future of Converged TV is Now

Innovid and Ascendant Network surveyed 100+ senior-level marketers to see how media and creative strategies have evolved in the age of converged TV.

Adapting Mix, Measurement, & Creative Strategies for Converged TV

Innovid x Ascendant Network uncovered how advertisers are adapting their video mix, measurement, and creative strategies today to take advantage of the converged TV landscape. 

Innovid & Ascendant Network Research Spotlights How Advertisers are Adapting Video Mix, Media, & Creative Strategies for Converged TV

Study polled senior-level marketers to understand how advertising strategies have changed to reach and engage with audiences across linear, CTV, and digital

4 Pillars of Championing Converged TV Campaigns

Master the pillars of building successful converged TV campaigns, including data–because, thanks to the abundance of new metrics at our fingertips, measurability is greater today than ever before.

Converged TV Unification is Happening Today!

Hear from advertisers leveraging unified solutions to get a holistic view into audience reach and performance across converged TV platforms and screens. 

Unify Converged TV Series 2023: Business Outcomes Underlie Accurate Media Measurement: Dentsu’s Cara Lewis

Watch Cara Lewis speak at “Establishing Measurement Standards in a Converged TV World,” a Beet.TV Leadership Series produced at CES 2023, presented by Innovid.

Unify Converged TV Series 2023: Next-Generation TV Viewership Metrics Are in Their Infancy: Comcast’s Carmela Fournier

Watch Carmela Fournier speak at “Establishing Measurement Standards in a Converged TV World,” a Beet.TV Leadership Series produced at CES 2023, presented by Innovid.

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