Ad Serving Solutions

Leading Video Reach Across Screens and Channels

The word fragmentation typically strikes fear in the hearts of marketers who are consistently trying to keep up with the explosion of multi-device and cross-channel media consumption, but with the right tools the word can represent opportunity. Built for the future of TV, Innovid’s ad serving technology gets your videos into more places so you can reach the broadest set of your customers, regardless of where they are watching.

Our video delivery capabilities allow for unprecedented reach across all paid media channels, social platforms, websites, desktop, mobile, and over 25 different connected TV devices, including OTT enabled boxes, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and Blu-ray streaming players — as well as over 1,000 different TV and video apps.

Innovid - Standard Video

Achieve the best user experience across all screens

Holistic cross-device coverage including desktop, mobile, tablet, and 25+ connected devices.

Activate more measurable reach across your entire media plan

World’s largest certified publisher footprint enables the advanced tag and video formats necessary to collect complex data points on 700+ desktop publishers, 1000’s of mobile apps and sites, and 1000+ CTV apps.

Eliminate wasted impressions and maintain brand safety

Real-time analysis and proactive ad blocking of media quality, including viewability, fraud, and brand safety, as well as performance – powered through integrations with leading verification partners.

Reach your audiences across the globe

Unmatched global cross-screen delivery in 70+ countries

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