Data-Driven Video Solutions

Drive relevance across channels, devices, & inventory types



Reaching your consumers with the most relevant message, wherever they are, is more critical than ever to increase your brand impact and drive conversions. However, customizing videos across all devices, channels, and inventory types can seem like an exceedingly complicated and expensive endeavor. Through our media-agnostic platform, Innovid’s data-driven video solution enables marketers to leverage existing video assets and various data points to create countless, personalized video experiences across all types of inventory, devices (desktop, mobile, CTV) and channels (paid media, social and owned).

Innovid - Data-driven Video

Maximize existing video assets

Make your brand’s video investments work harder by transforming one existing video asset into many, customized versions with relevant messaging for your various audiences.

Speak to audiences at scale

Create personalized experiences for individual viewers across all channels, devices, and inventory types—without creating new videos.

Create brand consistency

Maintain consistent brand identity for all touchpoints across your paid, owned, and paid social campaigns.


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