Innovid Video Marketing Platform More Effective Video Marketing



Innovid Video Marketing Platform More Effective Video Marketing

The only platform purpose-built for video—enabling delivery of data driven creative

So much more than an ad server — Innovid delivers more effective video marketing through the only platform purpose-built for video—reaching more screens and more channels with richly personalized, data-driven creative.


Meeting your needs with an award-winning video marketing platform

Gain more engaging videos delivered to more places, with the most holistic view of your video investment.

Leading Video Reach Across Screens & Channels



Video Integrated Throughout the Customer Journey


Conagra Brands Drives 200% Lift in Brand Metrics Through Customization

In order to tailor video messaging to be more relevant to their diverse target audiences, Conagra Brands partnered with Innovid to deliver scalable, personalized messaging across all devices. Powered by an integration with Conagra Brands’ data management platform, Innovid delivered interactive recipes tailored to attributes of their various target  audiences. As a result of these personalized, interactive videos, Conagra Brands not only saw increases in engagement, video completion and time earned—they also attained a 200% lift in overall brand metrics for the campaign.


Brand partners leveraging the most effective video marketing platform