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The Power of Interactivity.

iRoll® is the standard in interactive video in the industry. Our iRoll suite offers an impactful, memorable advertising medium that consumers genuinely want to interact with and learn more about brands. Our units are permission-based, putting control in the hands of consumers and never disrupting their experience. Units can be personalized through our dynamic serving solution and have ecommerce features that shorten the sales cycle.  We have integrated across thousands of publishers, directly and through ad networks. Integrating iRoll into your player has no cost and can increase the performance of your clients’ campaigns.

Insights that Matter.

Our comprehensive analytics platform gives you invaluable data to maximize the power of media allocations Innovid will provide you with the basics – impressions, completion rates, and click-thru rates – and sophisticated insights like Ad Viewability, Engagement, Awareness, Time Earned, In-unit activity, Social Visitation, and more. We track campaigns in real-time so you can optimize media on the go, and deliver the results your clients expect.

Outstanding Service from Video Experts

Innovid created a new category with interactive video. Nobody has run more campaigns nor has more knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. Guided by our unique technology stack, our team of online veterans provides deep insight into the complexities of the video landscape. We’re constantly learning and evolving our best practices to ensure all of our campaigns are a success.

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