Become an OTT Marketing Expert

With roughly two-thirds of U.S. consumers now using OTT devices*, it’s increasingly important for marketers to master video advertising on the big screen. Download any or all of the materials below from our OTT Education Pack to reap the rewards of successful marketing on these engaging and effective devices.


OTT Defined: Fundamentals for beginners

In this beginner’s guide, you’ll learn the vocabulary and fundamentals of OTT advertising, including the differences between key industry terms, as well as unique formats and approaches for OTT. 


OTT Marketing Industry Insights: Achieving TV Success in A Post-Cable Future

This industry overview outlines the market size and growth forecast of OTT, its unique benefits for marketers, as well as the latest opportunities in innovation that combine the precision of digital advertising with the immersive canvas of large television sets.  


The OTT Starter Guide: How to Make OTT Work for Your Brand Today

If you’re ready to drive immediate success with OTT audiences, then download this starter guide that walks you through the five key questions that every marketer should consider when activating any OTT effort — from inventory selection to creative design to targeting.

*eMarketer, August 2017