your videos deserve to be
seen across multiple devices 


From various video player formats, to devices and operating systems, it’s important your videos remain optimized, viewable and controlled across the vast array of formats, devices and technologies. Innovid is built to handle this, so the headaches of trafficking and ad-serving complexity are our problem, not yours. Whether it's VAST, VPAID, MRAID, HTML5, or site-serve, our dedication to video ensures success across publishers and formats.

Today's savvy consumers expect your brand to meet them on any device, at any time. Innovid’s platform can serve pre-roll, interactive and personalized video campaigns across a variety of devices: desktop, mobile, tablet, set-top boxes and connected TV. Now your video campaigns will reach today’s multi-device, on-the-go viewer with the right creative at the right time.





Set-Top Boxes

Connected TV