Invite Your Audiences to Engage

Put your brand in the spotlight with an advanced video marketing strategy across all screens.
Check out a few of our favorite advanced videos from by clicking on the screenshots below!


Talk about #SquadGoals—meet all the members of the Suicide Squad with interactive bios and even build your own character with a special "squad yourself" feature.


Sony's Money Monster campaign, which also ran on mobile and Facebook, lets the viewer choose their own adventure to watch extended content from the movie.

Where will you go? Check out Expedia's video featuring dynamic travel offers based on geo-location.

Experience the best of Honda inside & out!  The hotspots in this Honda video experience highlight interior and exterior vehicle features with video!

In this expandable unit, you'll learn that while everything we see isn't picture perfect, if you're seeing it on an LG OLED TV, you're seeing it on the perfect picture.  

This branded overlay allowed Toyota to promote their annual Clearance Event and present real-time offer details to their target audience.

This American Airlines video experience will show you how their flights go above AND beyond to get you to all the hot spots.

Samsung's campaign offers a variety of videos within the video to show how the Galaxy S7 edge is on the edge of technology.