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Business Ethics and Governance

Consistently supporting strong corporate governance as a core principle in all aspects of the business

Business Ethics and Governance

The Innovid Platform

Innovid’s technology is purpose-built for CTV, with a comprehensive view of the advertising ecosystem, including linear TV, mobile, and desktop channels. Our cloud-based software platform is integrated with the media ecosystem, including demand-side platforms (“DSPs”) and supply-side platforms (“SSPs”), and provides the world’s leading brands, agencies, and publishers the ability to deliver, create, measure, and optimize advertising campaigns. Innovid does not engage in the buying or selling of media inventory, thus remaining fully independent in the media delivery cycle. Innovid’s vision is that TV remains open for everyone and controlled by no one. Our mission is to help ensure the creation of ad-supported TV experiences people love — and to accomplish this in a responsible way.


Innovid has high standards of corporate governance and business ethics that permeate the whole organizational structure and are woven into the fabric of our corporate culture. We have an engaged and experienced board of directors and management team that are examples of corporate behavior for the whole Innovid team. The board consists of five members. Additionally, four of the five board members are independent. Our board has three committees: audit committee, compensation committee, and nominating & governance committee.

Our Code of Conduct provides clear principles and expectations for our officers, directors, and employees. It is supplemented by additional policies and procedures that set forth specific compliance requirements and is reviewed regularly to ensure it complies with the most up-to-date ethical standards. Our employees are trained at least annually on our Code of Conduct and other topics, including anti-corruption, technology use, and data privacy. Additionally, adherence to our Code of Conduct is a condition to employment, and violations may result in discipline up to termination.

Business Ethics and Governance

Privacy and Data Governance

Trust is essential to our business. Our success depends on protecting confidential information, whether our own or that of others. At Innovid, we are dedicated to a high standard of consumer privacy and data protection, while maintaining quality online advertising and measurement services for various advertisers, agencies, publishers, and other businesses across third-party websites and online media.

Our collection of data generally consists of basic data elements associated with advertisements served or measured by Innovid, such as impressions, clicks, mouse movements, viewing duration, IP address, date and time of interaction, information about the general geographical location from which a consumer is viewing an advertisement, device type, and other generic identifiers made available by the browser or device. Innovid collects these data elements on behalf of its clients in a privacy-compliant manner for the clients’ legitimate business interests and purposes, in order to effectively measure and evaluate the performance of the client’s advertising campaigns; deliver, schedule and sequence ads; administer the client’s account, and/or provide the client with engagement or performance analysis.

In a limited number of use cases, the client also has the option to have Innovid collect user-volunteered email addresses or phone numbers on its behalf from selected advertising formats; in these cases, such user-volunteered data is collected from the consumer solely on an opt-in basis, and is used solely to fulfill the client’s request. In these, and all cases, we manage data in accordance with standards for privacy and security. We do not create user segments or user profiles. Further, we do not collect any categories of data deemed sensitive under applicable laws or NAI standards.

At a client’s request (where the client uses our ad serving services), we may assist the client in targeting its ads based on the client’s first-party data or based on data from the client’s selected data management platform.

We require employees to complete annual training related to data privacy and data protection and related laws, keeping the whole company apprised and up-to-date on company policy and requirements.

We publish and regularly update a Privacy Policy for how we manage all our data.


Memberships and Cybersecurity


We maintain membership with the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), and also maintain accreditation with the Media Rating Council (MRC). We are also a participating vendor in the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF).


We are ever vigilant in ensuring the protection and security of our platform, our systems, and our data. We acknowledge that Innovid operates in a dynamic and challenging environment where we face various types of cyberattacks and have taken steps to protect our data. We are committed to the highest standard of cybersecurity. We have a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer, who leads our efforts in this area. We utilize state-of-the-art solutions to detect and prevent potential vulnerabilities that could expose data or compromise systems. Additionally, we provide regular training for employees to highlight the importance of cybersecurity and how the practice of each employee is critical to mitigating cyber threat risks.

Memberships and Cybersecurity

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