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Innovid's Social Responsibility

Delivering long-term sustainable value to all of our stakeholders

Innovid's Social Responsibility

Innovid’s mission is central to everything we do: to empower the creation, delivery, measurement, and optimization of ad-supported TV experiences that people love. Also, central is a commitment to delivering long-term sustainable value to all of our stakeholders. We understand our responsibility to customers, employees, partners, vendors, shareholders, communities, and other stakeholders, and consider the impact of our practices and decisions on each of them.

Innovid recognizes that being a responsible corporate citizen comprises many different elements and addresses a diverse set of priorities for varied stakeholders. As a company that works with some of the largest and best loved global brands to offer innovative and creative solutions, we approach corporate responsibility consistent with our core corporate philosophy of data-driven evaluation and response through innovation. While responsibility and a passion for what we do and who we serve are baked into our DNA, we follow the data and adjust or optimize our behavior accordingly.

Innovid ESG

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Innovid supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These goals were developed by the UN General Assembly in 2015 and serve as a blueprint for action for the planet, to be completed by 2030. The private sector plays a key role in promoting and achieving the UN Global Goals.

We’re pursuing many opportunities to effect positive change both inside and out. Our disclosures describe a growing commitment to make our operations more sustainable, to ensure our employees know they’re well supported, and to commit to do our best to manage risks and govern our practices.

We are pleased to present our inaugural corporate responsibility update. It is exciting to share with our stakeholders how we hold ourselves accountable for creating a more responsible, resilient and transparent company.

At Innovid, we believe that the consideration of all our stakeholders creates a stronger company and positions us for enduring long-term success. This is an ongoing, interactive, and constantly evolving process and, across Innovid, we’re reimagining the many ways we innovate our business, products, and services with a mind for delivering value and having a net positive impact on the world around us.

Innovid ESG

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