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​People, Culture and Equity

Actively implementing policies and creating a culture to support positive social impacts both within the company and beyond

​People, Culture and Equity

An inclusive and positive environment for our people has always been central to our culture. We are firmly dedicated to the highest standards for our employees, based on equity and respect. Innovid supports its employees with opportunities for career development, as well as competitive compensation and benefits. We are proud of our culture and actively invest in the employee experience.

Employee engagement is a key pillar of our business strategy, creating a culture that encourages employee involvement and participation. We strive to have a culture of transparency. We conduct bi-annual employee surveys, leadership meetings, and local roundtable conversations to discuss current developments, answer questions, receive feedback, and uncover opportunities. We believe that we bring out the best in each other by operating in a hybrid environment, which allows for group interactions fostering innovation in the office environment as well as enabling effective work from home.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We’re focused on ensuring our workforce reflects the cultures, experiences, and demographics of the industry, and by extension, the world, and we look for ways to celebrate each other and our diverse backgrounds. In 2023, 46% of our global workforce identified as female, and 44% of our people managers identified as female. In the U.S., 26% of our workforce comes from traditionally underrepresented ethnic backgrounds in our industry. We will continue to pursue ways to advance and embed diversity amongst our employees and in our recruiting and retention efforts.

We regularly review our pay equity policies both for gender and race/ethnicity, and we comply with all requirements for pay transparency. Our parental leave policies are committed to equality for both birthing and non-birthing parents and are audited regularly. We have also partnered with Posse, AAF, and Prep for Prep as part of our internship program. Our goal is to increase diversity organically, offering the next generation an opportunity to gain valuable professional experience.

We work diligently to create safe spaces for all groups, including those from underrepresented communities, offer educational resources, foster open discussions, and celebrate cultural moments like pride, heritage months, and holidays. We extend our approach beyond employees to include customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders, fostering an environment that is open and inclusive. As an advertising technology business, we are committed to being positive contributors to advancing DE&I values.

Talent from Within

Innovid's DE&I

We recognize that real change is needed not only within our own business operations, but within the broader communities in which we operate. We seek avenues of engagement with members of our global community through Innovid-sponsored service and financial contributions, as well as providing our employees paid time off to volunteer within their communities.

Examples of these relationships include Out In Tech, the world’s largest non-profit community of LGBTQ+ tech leaders; Peace and Prosperity Coaching; Hidden Genius Project; Victims Rights Law Center; Safe Horizon Child Advocacy Center; Ronald McDonald House; AEF; the Posse Foundation; and TECHO, an organization devoted to improving housing and habitat conditions in Argentina. Additionally, in September 2023, we launched a partnership with Israel Gay Youth Organization (IGY), Israels’s largest LGBTQ+ organization. We also look to take a leadership role within the advertising community to foster diversity in programming, best practices, education, and mentorship initiatives.

Innovid's DE&I

Responsible Community Corporate Citizen 

As a global organization, we recognize the challenge of addressing the exploitation of workers and the need for all businesses to fight against these abuses of human rights. Human rights are a priority for Innovid. Innovid’s dedication to people, equity, and culture underpins a strategy that attracts the best talent from all backgrounds and identities, allows our employees to thrive, and contributes to our success as technology innovators.

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