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True Innovation Means Inclusion in Career, Culture and Community

For Innovid, we aspire to make diversity more than a mandate — it fuels our best ideas, provides perspective, and builds accountability.


Building and Nurturing
Rewarding Careers

Our first focus is ensuring that our workforce reflects the cultures, experiences and demographics of the industry, and by extension, the world. This means putting a strategy in place for recruitment and career development. Currently, underrepresented groups account for 30 percent of our workforce, and this is just the beginning. In addition, we’re committed to ongoing compensation audits, creating pathways for advancement, trainings and transparency.


A Culture
That Includes Everyone

Culture is more than free snacks and cooking contests — it needs to empower and celebrate people from all walks of life, and advocate for under-represented groups. In addition to creating a diversity, equity and inclusion taskforce, Innovid focuses on providing educational resources, creating safe spaces, and honoring cultural moments like pride, heritage months, holidays and more.


It’s Not Just About Business,
It’s About Community

We recognize that real change is needed not only within day to day business, but within the broader community as well. Innovid is focused on partnering with the advertising community to foster diversity in programming, best practices, education and mentorship.

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