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Unlock Identity With Innovid Key

All your advertising goals - unlocked - through a waterfall approach to identity.

Identity Resolution as Infrastructure

Identity is the foundation of digital advertising, the key to success. Without it, marketers wouldn’t be able to understand their message’s reach, frequency, relevance, and, above all, ROI. However, while advertisers need a way to gauge the impact of their investment, consumers are less than keen on being tracked. Amongst cookie loss, IP obfuscation, shifting legislation, and new vendors popping up nearly every day, it’s almost been impossible for marketers to find a path forward. At Innovid, we understand that this ever-evolving ecosystem will never adopt a one-solution-to-rule-them-all approach, so we take an infrastructure approach to identity resolution.

Identity Infrastructure

Enter Innovid Key

Innovid’s mission is to ensure signal loss doesn’t negatively impact your strategy whether within audience-based messaging, retargeting, sequencing, A/B testing, reach & frequency measurement, or attribution insights. Innovid Key offers a comprehensive solution by mapping Innovid proprietary data alongside multiple first and third-party identifiers in a centralized hub. This allows for a waterfall approach that prioritizes the highest quality data signals while still maintaining the most comprehensive coverage.

Innovid Key enables marketers to:

  • Stay Relevant: Evolve messaging by matching creative to performance metrics seamlessly & quickly. Innovid Key enables dynamic creative strategies with real-time audience and performance insights to learn how best to tailor messaging to each stage of the consumer journey.
  • Avoid Creative Burnout: Understand the reach and frequency of messaging across audiences and control for oversaturation. With Innovid Key, marketers can measure the real-time impact of creative across digital channels and devices, including CTV.
  • Plan. Optimize. Repeat. View how, when, and where audiences were reached through reach, frequency, and outcome measurement to understand the effectiveness of media. With Innovid Key powering our measurement offering, marketers can inform future planning and make real-time optimizations. 
  • Action – Even Outside of Innovid: Use Innovid data to power your external MTA partner’s analysis and gain a deeper understanding of ROI across your media strategy. Through Innovid Key, clients can access log-level data that can easily tie ad exposure to unique identifiers for closed-loop attribution.
Innovid Key

Authenticating Over Estimating

In supporting our clients across ad management and measurement, we process an astounding amount of data – over 6 billion events per day. This footprint underpins Innovid’s Identity Graph, enabled by the independent platform’s unparalleled ad serving footprint across over 95MM CTV homes, which allows us to offer the most comprehensive view of U.S. CTV households. But even the most robust graph alone is useless – it must be interoperable with others to provide tangible value. This is where Innovid Key kicks into high gear by ingesting and mapping numerous 1st and 3rd party IDs and identifiers in a waterfall approach. 

The strategy prioritizes the highest-quality signals first, and as we move down, includes more scalable but less specific identifiers to expand our reach.

Innovid Key

First-party and authenticated IDs


Cookies, device IDs, IPs


Innovid Household ID


Probabilistic IDs

Benefits of Treating Identity Resolution as an Infrastructure

Innovid Key is a robust identity infrastructure that is purpose-built to resolve households and devices in virtually any environment. Acting as the link between disparate identifiers, the solution provides true interoperability among the leading third-party solutions in the market today and tomorrow. 

With Innovid Key, you get an identity resolution approach that is:

  • Forward-Thinking & Future Proofed: A future-proofed approach to identity resolution cannot rely on a single signal, partner, or strategy. So, when things shift again, and things will, your strategy won’t suffer.
  • Open & Integrated: Innovid doesn’t believe in locking advertisers into using one solution or partner to achieve their goals. In that lens, Innovid Key acts like a skeleton key, seamlessly integrating with both first and third-party solutions to provide actionability across Innovid’s solutions and even outside of them. 
  • Tried & Transparent: Since its launch, Innovid Key has served as the underlying infrastructure powering all of Innovid’s products. In 2023, Innovid Key allowed Innovid to ensure the most relevant message was served in over 95% of cases, without resorting to a default experience. 
  • Big Data, Better Insights: Innovid’s ad management platform fuels a vast dataset comprising billions of daily MRC-accredited impressions, setting it apart from competitors. This dataset ensures greater representativeness, robustness, and accuracy for AI modeling, delivering more effective and precise solutions.

Reconciling Views on Identity Resolution

In this ever-evolving advertising landscape, there seems to be a widening gap between marketer and consumer mindsets when it comes to identity resolution, the collection of consumer data, and privacy legislation. To better understand marketer and consumer sentiment, Innovid commissioned a study of over 500 senior marketers and 1,000 consumers in July 2021. Our findings highlight the growing need for a forward-thinking identity resolution approach that puts transparency and privacy first, particularly as consumers become increasingly knowledgeable about and protective of their digital identities.

Identity Insights and Findings

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