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Innovid Key, a forward-thinking approach to unlocking identity resolution

Unlock multiple identity solutions while keeping privacy front and center.

Identity Resolution as Infrastructure

Identity is seen as the foundation of digital advertising, the key to success. Without it, marketers wouldn’t be able to understand their message’s reach, frequency, relevance, and ROI. However, most current or proposed identity resolution solutions are short-sighted and do not take into account growing consumer privacy concerns. Moreover, there are so many solutions available that it’s impossible for marketers to choose just one. At Innovid, we understand that this ever-evolving ecosystem will never adapt to a one-solution-to-rule-them-all approach, which is why we take an infrastructure approach to identity resolution.

Identity Infrastructure

What is Innovid Key? How Can it Help in a Cookieless Future?

Developed to enable an accurate and persistent method by which advertisers can better understand and target audiences, Innovid Key unlocks numerous identity solutions, in concert with Innovid’s proprietary Household Graph, in a secure, privacy-compliant manner. Innovid Key is anchored in an unparalleled ad serving footprint across over 95 million CTV homes — a near-census view of the 108 million total CTV homes. The result is identity resolution at scale that allows marketers to reach the right people with the right message while ensuring data transparency and ownership.

Innovid Key allows brands and agencies to:

  • Tell personalized stories across all of your devices: Innovid Key connects Innovid’s household graph with external sources to power dynamic creative personalization and identity resolution marketing.
  • Avoid creative oversaturation: Innovid Key enables a suite of creative management strategies to optimize the order and frequency of how brand stories are delivered.
  • Own your consumers’ journey: Innovid Key Connect, our enhanced log-files, surfaces industry-leading external IDs for accurate, persistent identity across devices.
  • Unlock walled gardens: Innovid Key pipes ad serving data into clean rooms to offer a secure and privacy-compliant space for data reconciliation and activation.
Innovid Key

What Makes up Innovid Key?

Not only does Innovid Key power Innovid’s platform and suite of solutions, but it also allows for ownership via extensions to brand-owned external partners and clean rooms, thus creating an identity-for-all approach without alienating consumers.

Elements of Innovid Key
Household Graph

Foundation in a
Household Graph

First-party Data

Enriched with
First-Party Data

Connected to Clean Rooms

Connected to
Clean Rooms

Interoperable with External IDs

Interoperable with External IDs

Benefits of Treating Identity Resolution as an Infrastructure

Innovid Key is a robust identity resolution infrastructure that is purpose-built to resolve households and devices in virtually any environment. Acting as a link between disparate identifiers, this solution provides true interoperability among the leading third-party solutions in the market. With Innovid Key, you get an identity resolution approach that is:

  • Forward-Thinking: Our ecosystem will never adopt a one-solution-to-rule-them-all approach. Innovid Key unlocks the best of them all, so when things shift again — and they will — your strategy won’t suffer.
  • Interoperable: Innovid Key is built like a skeleton key. It opens the door for any objective with any opted-in audience across first- and third-party audiences, premium publishers, clean rooms, and more.
  • Privacy-Compliant: Fast doesn’t always mean safe. We took a measured approach to develop a solution that doesn’t use risky practices like fingerprinting, and we actively maintain compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Transparent: Retain full control over your data assets via log-level files delivered with event-level granularity, without aggregation or abstraction.
Innovid Key Benefits

Reconciling Views on Identity Resolution

In this ever-evolving advertising landscape, there seems to be a widening gap between marketer and consumer mindsets when it comes to identity resolution, the collection of consumer data, and privacy legislation. To better understand marketer and consumer sentiment, Innovid commissioned a study of over 500 senior marketers and 1,000 consumers in July 2021. Our findings highlight the growing need for a forward-thinking identity resolution approach that puts transparency and privacy first, particularly as consumers become increasingly knowledgeable about and protective of their digital identities.

Identity Insights and Findings

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