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Climate and Sustainability

Consciously reducing our impact on the environment and taking actions to protect our planet

Climate and Sustainability

At Innovid, we recognize that we have a responsibility to make a positive impact on the climate crisis. As a software company, our aggregate carbon footprint is limited; however, we are proactive in identifying ways to reduce our environmental impact and are embracing eco-friendly practices throughout our offices. A sampling includes:

  • A robust recycling program and steps to implement a composting program
  • Using more sustainable shipping methods
  • Increasing the use of compostable paper products and serve-ware from 65% to 80%
  • Leveraging technology for our global teams to collaborate in an effort to reduce travel
  • Wherever possible, we leverage building management systems to:
    • Monitor how energy is consumed
    • Control lighting and temperature, leading to reduced energy consumption
    • Create automated energy-efficient measures in unoccupied spaces

We also believe our products have the ability to help our clients reach their target customers in a more efficient way, which not only creates a more cost-effective solution for our clients but also reduces energy consumption across the video advertising ecosystem.

Finally, tracking and measuring are key elements of our corporate responsibility plan. We intend to integrate environmental considerations into the use of data center providers and will look for other opportunities to reduce emissions throughout our organization.

Climate and Sustainability

Partnership with Ad Net Zero

As part of our commitment to improve the video ad ecosystem, Innovid is a member of Ad Net Zero, a trade association focused exclusively on sustainability in the advertising industry. With our membership, we will implement the Ad Net Zero 5-Point Action Plan to manage, reduce, and eliminate emissions. The advertising ecosystem produces a remarkable amount of carbon emissions. Digital display advertising and streaming consume electricity equal to 1.4 million U.S. households annually, according to Scope3 data,. Learn more about our partnership with Ad Net Zero here.

Innovid’s Harmony Initiative

In 2024, Innovid launched our Harmony initiative, which tackles the biggest challenges of the CTV advertising ecosystem. One of the largest issues with the CTV ecosystem is its level of carbon emissions. Our Harmony Direct product, in particular, limits the number of unnecessary “hops” between tech intermediaries per ad CTV impression, helping reduce carbon emissions and promoting sustainability in the CTV advertising ecosystem.


Ad Net Zero

Learn more about Innovid’s Social Responsibility.

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