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Making TV better, together

With CTV at a critical inflection point, Innovid’s Harmony initiative optimizes for efficiency, adds control, increases ROI, and promotes sustainability.

Elevating the advertising ecosystem

Our first-to-market suite of solutions brings harmony to brands, agencies, publishers, and programmatic platforms

Harmony Direct

Harmony Direct offers you the most direct and efficient way to launch guaranteed, non-biddable media — and you’re not charged a percentage of media to activate. This streamlined supply path redistributes substantial working media dollars back into the ecosystem, benefiting both publishers and advertisers by reducing time, effort, fraud, and environmental waste.

Savings Guaranteed

Streamlined Workflow

Directness Matters

Harmony Instant Optimization

Harmony Instant Optimization provides you the capability to champion top-converting ads in real-time. With this new machine-learning solution, outcome insights from the InnovidXP measurement platform are linked to the ad-serving strategy, ensuring ads that drive the desired business outcomes gain the largest share of voice. Data-driven insights are automatically put into action — without waiting for human intervention.

Single Platform Optimization

Outcomes-Driven Ad Delivery

Optimize Everywhere

Watch Connected Vision 2024 to learn more about Innovid Harmony

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Introducing Harmony

Introducing Harmony

Innovid's Harmony is a first-to-market product suite bringing harmony to the CTV advertising ecosystem for advertisers, publishers, and media platforms. 

Innovid Launches Harmony Initiative to Keep TV Open for Everyone & Controlled by No One

Harmony Direct – First of Several Harmony Product Innovations – Bringing Transparency, Efficiency, & Sustainability to the CTV Supply Path
Innovid CEO Zvika Netter

Bringing Harmony to the CTV Marketplace. Together.

Innovid launched Harmony, new products that address CTV advertising's biggest challenges to build a better future for brands, agencies, and publishers.  

The CTV Advertising Insights Report 2024

Innovid’s annual, data-driven look into how global advertisers reach and engage audiences and measure and drive outcomes across the CTV and digital video landscape

Learn more about how Innovid Harmony can help you reach your business goals

Our team of experts can show you how to lower waste, expand control, improve business outcomes, and create a more sustainable path forward. 

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