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Maximize Reach
and Engagement on CTV

Leverage the channel your customers are not only adopting at record rates, but where they are also willing to engage with brands.

CTV Made Simple

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all in CTV. Dozens of devices, shifting specs, and new platforms launching every year means that you need technology you can trust to help navigate creative, activate campaigns and calculate impact. Our built for television technology helps marketers confidently navigate this new streaming landscape through open integrations and unmatched delivery scale.

CTV Solutions

Serve Ads To The Widest Coverage of Platforms

Ensure your ads are seen by every audience through our unique partnerships with Roku, Hulu, Peacock and more.

Easy Encoding
& Validation

No more chasing down or manually encoding specs. Our platform automatically accounts for device type and encodes for 4K TV & beyond.

Trusted and

Independent and MRC-accredited, Innovid gives you the peace of mind you need in a world of walled gardens.

Measurement Built with CTV in Mind

The exciting thing about CTV is its ability to combine the reach of linear with the measurability of digital. Analyze your campaign performance with comprehensive household-level reach and frequency insights that enable you to optimize performance over time.

CTV Measurement

Insights to Help You Optimize

Whether it’s driving incremental reach performance or reallocating budgets to rev up ROAS, Innovid’s CTV Insights helps you track over 40 metrics to help analyze household reach and frequency, including:

  • Incrementality
  • Unique Reach Premium
  • Unique Reach Efficiency
  • Cost per Unique Reach
  • Cost per Total Reach
  • Light (1-2x), Medium (3-9x,) and Heavy (>10x) Frequency
  • Reach of the U.S. CTV Household Universe
CTV Metrics

CTV & Linear Together For Broader Reach & Frequency

When it comes to TV, identifying where audiences overlap can be a daunting task. To address this gap, Innovid and Roku teamed up to provide the most granular measurement and analytics available to help you understand your de-duplicated reach across CTV and linear TV buys, optimize media spend, and avoid audience fatigue.

CTV & Linear

An Identity Solution that Addresses the Nuances of CTV

Improve how you map consumers and link disjointed identities with a cookieless, privacy compliant household view. Our proprietary technology provides a unique source of truth that matches data such as IP addresses and device IDs to key CTV ad management signals for a more reliable picture of the audience.


Innovid’s Household ID

A TV-first, cookieless, and privacy compliant solution.

Identity Coverage

Near 100% coverage across 75MM+ U.S. CTV homes

CTV Ad Serving

Serving 50% of all U.S.-based CTV ads

ID Cluster

Clusters of IDs that account for changes in real-time

ID Mapping

Proprietary data maps devices between IDs

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