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Advertising has gotten complicated.
Our platform keeps it simple.

Think People, Not Products
With Innovid Dynamic Creative

Interactive Creative

Interactive Creative

Earn deeper engagement and time spent through immersive ad experiences

Dynamic Creative

Dynamic Creative

Create millions of ad versions in a matter of hours using our robust dynamic rendering engine

OTT Composer

OTT Composer

Create TV experiences at scale using Innovid’s self-service ad authoring tool

Delivering Ads Everywhere,
Including Where It Matters Most

Creating lasting relationships with today’s consumers goes beyond ad delivery. Data is more critical than ever, and technology is the linchpin for deploying omni-channel experiences at scale. Yet despite the critical role TV and social play in your media mix, the majority of “omni-channel” solutions neglect these vital touchpoints. This is where Innovid has gone deep, doing things no one has done before - like launching first-to-market interactive television formats, being the first and only ad server with OTT accredited measurement, and breaking down walled gardens to offer superior capabilities across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We support over a third of the top television marketers in the world, providing the most robust independent ad serving solution spanning all digitally enabled touchpoints including – TV, video, display, social, OOH, and more.

Real Insights In Real-Time,
No Questions Asked

Any ad server does reporting, we do more. Our media-agnostic, open platform covers the widest breadth of partners, breaking down walled gardens and connecting traditional and addressable media to provide more data across more channels than ever before. Gain access to robust insights you can trust through our MRC-accredited metrics and preferred measurement access across Facebook, Google, YouTube, and more. Your path to transparent, unbiased measurement solutions across all media is here.

Our Unique Benefits
For Marketers

Improve Ad Relevance

Personalize creative across all channels - including TV where it matters most.

Save Time And Money

Tap into any data source and robust AI-powered workflows to recognize up to 49% sales lift with minimal effort.

Protect Against Fraud

Enable real-time ad blocking to ensure messages are only delivered to brand-safe environments.

Unbiased Insights

Ensure reporting quality and accuracy through independent MRC-accredited metrics - including OTT - without media-buying conflicts.

Expert Global Services

Leverage Innovid’s in-house experts who understand the unique nuances of what it takes to be effective across every channel and every market.

Freedom of Choice

Freedom of Choice

Choose to consolidate or take advantage of our robust integrations across your preferred partners - the choice is yours.

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