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Technology That Makes Advertising Simple

Devices, publishers, formats, reach, fraud, and privacy have made omni-channel advertising complex—but it doesn’t have to be.

Marketer Solutions

Ad Serving Solutions
For The New Age

With thousands of publishers around the world with their own unique specs, ensuring ad integrity is always a challenge. Guarantee the highest possible quality for your ads with a platform that is compatible with publishers, minimizes tedious tasks and protects against fraud—all while supported by global ad industry experts.

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Scalable Creative

Scalable Creative
That Truly Connects

In the future each consumer should only see ads they are interested in, and that world starts today. Create strong consumer connections with hundreds of customized ads, innovative ad units, and industry expertise all without having to work with multiple vendors for your creative needs.

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MRC-Accredited Measurement


A marketing strategy is only as good as the data and analytics that inform it. Attain deep insight into critical, omni-channel metrics so you can uncover and optimize on what resonates with consumers. Our platform is flexible enough to work with your data partners and trusted for being MRC-accredited, GDPR compliant and media independent.

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