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Technology That Makes Advertising Simple

Devices, publishers, formats, reach, fraud, and privacy have made omni-channel advertising complex—but it doesn’t have to be.

Marketer Solutions

Ad Serving Solutions
For The New Age

In times of uncertainty, marketers are looking for agile workflow solutions that do more with less. Our technology-first approach automates manual campaign work, tagging, and trafficking, ensures the highest ad quality, and protects against fraud—all while supported by global ad industry experts.

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Scalable Creative

Scalable Creative
That Truly Connects

The need to get messaging right is stronger than ever before. Create powerful consumer connections with future-facing creative formats and tools that go beyond awareness, improve production agility and increase the value of every ad exposure, without requiring you to work with multiple vendors for your creative needs.

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MRC-Accredited Measurement

With TV at the Core

Measuring omni-channel advertising efforts is one of the most difficult yet crucial components to a marketer’s business. Connect the funnel with omni-channel delivery, reach, frequency and more for both planning and in-flight optimizations. Our platform is flexible enough to work with your data partners and trusted for being MRC-accredited, GDPR compliant and media independent.

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