CMI Media Group Increases Speed-to-Market With Hands-on Keyboard Control

June 7, 2023

CMI Case Study


Agencies that represent leading pharmaceutical brands are in a unique position compared to other industries due to the strict regulations in place for advertising. These strict regulations create longer approval processes, and inevitably longer turnaround times to activate campaigns. CMI Media Group and their partner agency, Compas, wanted to take more control to go to market quickly, but not to the detriment of delivering the outstanding support their clients had come to rely on.


Historically, Innovid managed and trafficked all digital campaigns while CMI Media Group and Compas focused on the bigger picture. Innovid worked directly with CMI Media Group and Compas to develop a unique hybrid approach to managing their advertising initiatives. For the agencies, this meant gaining direct access to Innovid’s ad management and analytics platforms to develop and distribute ads, while leaving Innovid to tackle the creative production end required to engage customers while still abiding by pharmaceutical regulations. Innovid also developed comprehensive onboarding that featured unique inplatform training sessions, and a detailed on-demand help center for continued learning. Further enabling the Compas Ad Tech Services team to own the activation of their digital campaigns in a self-service capacity.


  • 2 Hours Average Time Spent Per Campaign End-to-End
  • 10+ Pharma Advertisers Owning Activation
  • 35+ Innovid-Certified Team Members

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