Conagra Brands “Snack King” Drives Royal Results With Shoppable, Interactive Video

July 29, 2019


Conagra Brands set out to test interactive, shoppable videos to promote snack brands including Slim Jim, DAVID Seeds, and Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn through digital video. To achieve this, Conagra Brands partnered with Innovid to create and test the creative performance of shoppable interactive videos and compare them to standard pre-roll.

Innovid Solution:

To test shoppable, interactive video creative for Conagra Brands, Innovid created two interactive formats of the “Snack King” campaign with clickable “Buy Now” buttons that prompted audiences to click out and purchase these snacks. Both versions displayed additional product images and engaging messaging—one version with an animated overlay and the other with a full branded canvas that wrapped around the video. Delivering two types of shoppable, interactive videos appealed to consumers’ unique preferences and increased the likelihood that they would take action in the moment.


The initial results* show that shoppable, interactive video improved performance against key KPIs, including:

+39% higher click-thru rate on mobile, directing users to purchase products, in the moment.

+22% lift in video completion rate on desktop devices.

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