CVS Automates Creative Development To Drive More Relevant and Effective Shoppable Experiences

January 19, 2024


CVS aimed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its evergreen Front Store campaign by expanding access to its offers and products through relevancy and personalization. However, based on their historical experience, scaling this vision would require a significant amount of manual work to update and customize the creative. Thus, CVS needed to automate the creative versioning process to improve accuracy, reduce manual effort, and increase the overall impact of their campaigns.


Partnering with Innovid, CVS unlocked their already existing Feedonomics product feed and integrated it directly into the Innovid platform. This automation allowed CVS to extract product catalog information such as SKUs, links, categories, subcategories, and inventory levels, thus minimizing the risk of errors associated with manual data input. As a result, each creative version was based on accurate and up-to-date information, allowing the team to focus on strategic and creative aspects rather than data entry. Paired with extensive audience segmentation, this new capability delivered greater relevancy of message at the unique audience level, enhancing the customer experience. The streamlined process also facilitated prompt campaign rollouts, aligned with the client’s monthly schedule, and increased their agility in response to market dynamics.


  • +10% Site Traffic Over 8 Month Campaign
  • 7-10% Improvement In Campaign Effectiveness

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