Data-Driven Video Drives Big Results on Facebook

July 22, 2018

Innovid - Data-Driven Video - Facebook - Case study



A leading global consumer electronics brand wanted to efficiently generate video views on Facebook with the most relevant content for their custom audiences, but were unsure how to utilize their current video assets to scale within a social strategy.

Innovid Solution:

In partnership with Innovid, the brand was able to tailor their videos specifically for Facebook and exceed their KPIs. Innovid worked closely with the brand’s creative agency to shorten their existing videos, so that they’d be more relevant for social environments, as well as add overlays with personalized messaging. Innovid then created 10 different data-driven, personalized video versions of the brand’s videos to be more relevant for their Facebook audience groups, which were customized by gender, device ownership, and lifestyle. This way, we were able to drive greater results using the brand’s existing video assets, so that they’d be more effective, engaging, and relevant on Facebook.