DeVry Drives Higher Video Performance with Personalized, Interactive Canvas

November 29, 2018

Innovid Case Study



DeVry University was looking to increase engagement with their video ads to drive interest in their enrollment programs, as well as increase traffic to their website. DeVry partnered with Innovid for interactive and data-driven video solutions to help meet this goal.

Innovid Solution:

In order to drive more effective video marketing for DeVry, Innovid took DeVry’s existing video assets and transformed their standard pre-roll video into an interactive canvas, with personalized messages for their audience segments — while still allowing their entire video to play. These desktop canvases contained increased branding, relevant messaging based on audience segment, and interactive buttons with strong call-to-actions that invited audiences to click out to various pages of the university’s website. DeVry also ran standard pre-roll videos to see how the two types compared against each other.