Estée Lauder Drives Brand Recall with Data-Driven Video on YouTube

February 5, 2019




One of Estée Lauder’s premier brands, La Mer, needed to stand out in an increasingly saturated beauty market, driving brand recall for their Crème de la MerTM Moisturizing Crème in the process. Focused on driving customer engagement, La Mer aimed to create deeper relevance by deploying a personalized, data-driven video strategy across YouTube TrueView.

Innovid Solution:

  1. In order to optimize La Mer’s core brand video to perform best for YouTube TrueView, Innovid shorted the video from thirty seconds down to just fifteen, layering on persistent branding. 
  2. To amplify relevance, Innovid added creative overlays, uniquely personalized to the content the user searched for. 
  3. Users who watched Taylor Swift related videos got a special Swift related message, those who were interested in Travel received messaging around adventure, and so on.