Interactive CTV Drives Brand Awareness and Action for Enough! PSA Campaign

March 25, 2019




Horrified by the gun violence epidemic, Enough! creators, Robbie Fairchild and Ezra Hurwitz, set out to produce a dance-driven anthem for gun safety. In collaboration with pop artist Sia, choreographer James Alesop, and 130 students from the National Dance Institute, Fairchild and Hurwitz created a 4-minute long PSA driving viewers to get involved. The challenge? With very little budget, Enough! needed to find a way to get in front of Millennials and Generation Z, and keep them engaged long enough to take action.

Innovid Solution:

Inspired by the mission, Innovid jumped in to help. Through direct partnerships with Hulu and Fox, Innovid secured free remnant CTV inventory that directly aligned with Enough!’s target audience. Innovid’s creative production team worked free of change to cut the 4-minute PSA down to a compelling 0:15-second teaser, incentivizing users to expand to watch the full spot. Innovid also added a TV2Mobile feature, inviting people to join the movement right there in the moment by sending themselves a text message highlighting ways to get involved.

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