Leading Financial Services Advertiser Personalizes Mid-Campaign To Boost Click-Through By Over 4x

September 13, 2022

Finance Case Study


A finance brand was looking for creative ways to drive awareness of the cashback deals available through their various partnerships. Running display, they directed audiences to a renewal page to learn more about their promotions and to sign up. When initially set up, the campaign focused on targeting users of different partner apps but served those audiences the same creative. To see if personalization would drive more conversions, a dynamic creative strategy was proposed.


Halfway through the campaign, the brand and agency decided to leverage Innovid’s DCO [dynamic creative optimization] technology to develop unique creative messages for each target audience. Leveraging third party data, they segmented their audience into four different categories for high/medium usage of the different apps. From there, Innovid’s DCO technology was used to personalize the creative within these segments based on time-of-day and weather data signals. This ensured their messaging aligned with the viewers’ real-time environment and circumstances.


    • 2.4x Better Click-Through Rate Than Benchmark* After Personalization
    • 4.3x Increase In Campaign’s Click-Throughs After Personalization
    • -79% Decrease in Cost Per Click After Personalization

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