Marketers Capture Attention with true[X] & Innovid in Today’s Living Room

August 29, 2019


Marketers across all verticals are always looking to increase viewer engagement and time spent with their brands in ways that provide more value to their audiences. This can be attained by using video formats that offer more choice to viewers, so they have more control over what to explore.

Innovid Solution:

Innovid worked in partnership with true[X], an independent unit of 21st Century Fox, to leverage choice-based ads that let viewers choose between engaging with one interactive ad while watching content, or instead watching multiple ads in the manner of a traditional commercial break. These choice-based interactive ads build upon the brand’s existing video and image assets to provide viewers with a more immersive and memorable experience. To complete a choice-ad, viewers must first choose the interactive option, then spend a minimum amount of time within the ad, and have any interaction within the ad.