Mondelēz Ritz Personalizes Around Social Gatherings for a 340% Boost in CTR

December 22, 2021

Ritz Case Study


Mondelez set out to associate their brand, Ritz, more closely with social occasions throughout the year, aiming for deeper brand awareness and reach. Specifically, they set a goal of using dynamic personalization to get transitional millennials to choose Ritz Crackers for their next social gathering. But there was a big challenge, launching in the already busy Lent season, the Mondelez team, including the specific Ritz LOB, Publicis Spark Foundry and FCB had to work together, in real-time, to learn and adapt to a dynamic approach.


Working in partnership with Innovid’s global account management team, Publicis Spark Foundry, FCB and Mondelez set out to execute an omni-channel dynamic messaging strategy that targeted six audience groups: foodies, sports fans, travel enthusiasts, gamers, entertainment junkies, and music lovers.

In order to tackle the main challenge head on, Innovid’s global account management team provided in- market regional support in Mexico, New York and Buenos Aires. The Innovid team also conducted multiple trainings in Spanish for Mexico based Mondelez Media, Mondelez Ritz, Publicis Spark Foundry and FCB Mexico to ensure nothing was lost in translation. Because the personalized approach was so new, Innovid set up daily meetings to facilitate cross departmental communication and coordination, and ensure deadlines were met as expected.


The use of personalized messaging drove performance metrics for Ritz across all KPI categories vs. brand benchmarks, with the highest uplift coming from dynamic video.

+340% higher video click-through rate

+30% higher video completion rate

+108% higher video engagement

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