OMD and Canva enhance Video Optimization Toolkit by tapping Omni Video Content and InnovidXP

October 9, 2023


Since 2013, Canva has had a mission to empower everyone to design anything and publish anywhere. On a journey to be an internationally recognized disruptor and technological innovator, they turned to OMD, the world’s largest media agency network, to define, activate and optimize their U.S. advertising strategy. However, when developing a holistic view of video inventory across streaming platforms and linear TV, OMD sought a partner who could seamlessly mix into their internal workflow and technology.


The ethos of OMD is “better decisions, faster,” which would serve as a great alternative title for this case study. Working with Canva, OMD elected to use Innovid as the ad delivery platform and cross-platform video measurement provider to complement Omni’s Audience Explorer & Video Content tools.  In Innovid, Canva gained a partner that ensured video creative was served at its highest possible quality across every publisher, device, and channel. For OMD, using Innovid meant they no longer needed to manually tag each of Canva’s creatives with individual measurement pixels. And when it came to developing a unified view of their video measurement, OMD aggregated insights from InnovidXP, which measured cross-screen overlap and outcomes, and Omni Video Content, which looked at advanced audience performance and frequency, to evaluate their converged TV investments while they were still in flight.


By bringing Omni, Innovid, and InnovidXP together to seamlessly serve, measure, and map advertising and audience performance, OMD could not only understand investments via a single source of truth but also make future decisions with data-backed confidence. By leveraging their Video Optimization Toolkit, OMD, and Canva optimized investments to partners that drove positive impact across key metrics correlated to increased efficacy of the campaign (unique reach, frequency, on-target reach).

The insights gleaned enabled them to nail down their leading partners and optimal partner mix, ultimately achieving a more efficient reach. This resulted in budget consolidation and an increased share for top-performing partners by 13-20%. 

During a 10-week run in late 2022, OMD and Canva captured learnings such as:

  • For sign-ups and session outcomes, OTT proved to have greater cost efficiency when compared to linear. 
  • 9% HH overlap of OTT vs. Linear
  • 44% Unique OTT reach

“The development of our video optimization toolkit is essential to our team’s ability to make better decisions faster.  Combining the granularity of Omni Video Content’s advanced audiences capabilities with Innovid’s pixeless implementation across their XP product created a seamless opportunity for us to holistically evaluate our video channels. Our development and sharpening of this toolkit has provided strategic investment insights that correlate to business outcomes for Canva.” 

Will Romann, Executive Director Client Leadership | OMD

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